The station was transformed to a Standard Oil Service Station and remains original down to the water fountain and restrooms. Today the building is Classic Cars and Garage Museum hosting a private collection of cars and collectables. The collectables range from gas and oil to Coca-Cola memorabilia. 

The building is available for tours upon request. 

*Note that most of the Museum can be seen through windows at your own convenience*

Hours 8:00am-4:00pm Monday-Thursday.

Please fill out a contact from or email us at to set up an appointment.

​​Interested in Donating to Classic Cars & Garage Museum?

Please fill out a contact form on the home page or email us at Memorabilia items donated will be proudly displayed and your donations may be tax deductible. 

Classic Cars & Garage Museum is a private operating foundation.

Trussville 1962 Photo courtesy of Trussville Utilities 

About the Museum

The building was previously occupied by Stanley's Automotive Repair. In 2013 the building was bought by Classic Cars & Garage LLC.  The building then went through extensive repairs to be restored to it's original form— a service station. 

The Classic Cars & Garage Museum building was built in downtown Trussville in the late 1950's.  The building was originally a Gulf Service Station owned by Ted Martin. Several residents of Trussville worked there back in the day— including Trussville's very own Mayor, Gene Melton. While attending Hewitt Trussville High School Mayor Melton worked part-time at the station between 1963 and 1966.   Other residents of Trussville who are also former Gulf Service Station employees often drop by and enjoy reminiscing on old times.